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Comfort, innovation and safety in focus for hotel guests

DUX in a unique collaboration that keeps bed bugs away

One of the main aspects when choosing to stay in a hotel is comfort and convenience as well as location and facilities. One aspect that, until now, has not been able to be offered or controlled is that of a bugfree hotel room. DUX is collaborating with the Finnish company Valpas, a high technology company that provides new advanced technique that offers an easy solution to detect bedbugs.

DUX have partnered with Valpas to offer a unique guest experience focused on comfort, hygiene and safety. All DUX hotel partners are given the opportunity to install Valpas smart bed legs; an advanced technique that will keep the hotel rooms preventively clean of intruding bed bugs, before they infest and spread. The legs on DUX beds can easily be replaced with Valpas legs. Sensors on the Valpas legs are connected to an app, and in case of detected vermin, the app notifies staff immediately. For the hotel management this is a technology that is user friendly and reliable. For the guest this collaboration between DUX and Valpas enables both safety and comfort

DUX primary focus is comfort. By designing, producing and providing comfort through high-quality products and exceptional service, DUX stays at the forefront of the industry. The core value of the brand is innovation as well as DUX's design philosophy and unique experience.

“Comfort, design, advanced technology and exceptional service are the reasons DUX is at the forefront of the industry. The collaboration with Valpas is completely in line with DUX's philosophy, where high-quality materials and design meet innovation and safety”, says Henrik Ljung, CEO at DUX.

Valpas primary focus is hygiene and safety. Valpas offers an advanced, yet easy-to-install hygiene technology, which keeps the hotel clean from the most uncontrollable: bed bugs. This technology enables a safe accommodation on the trip. Valpas’ technology is 100% environmentally friendly.

With DUX beds and bed legs from Valpas, hotel guests are offered an exceptional experience of safety, hygiene and comfort.